Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's still autumn, for a few more days. . .

I received a sweet little package the other day -- all the way from Australia! -- from Harvey, who volunteered to angel for me after I was flaked on in the Can't Wait for Fall Swap. It arrived just in time! It brightened my day, and I love what she sent. . . .

A cute bracelet -- very pretty colors!

Some hot pads that I desperately needed. And I mean desperately! I had been using some several-year-old Christmas hot pads (year 'round) that were just plain ratty. Now I have these lovelies!

A great, large bag! I took it with me to the post office the other day, and it was perfect!

And this was Harvey's first attempt at applique -- and she did a very nice job!

Thank you so much, Harvey, for your thoughtful package! I love everything!

Other news. . . .

We've gotten 99% of the house unpacked. I just need some shelves put up on the walls of my sewing room, and then we'll be done.

Christine had a flare-up a few weeks ago that attacked her other eye. . . probably brought on by the stress of the move. Scary stuff. Her doctors doubled her meds, and were able to curb the flare-up before she had any vision loss. She's doing well now, thank God, and we're already tapering her medications.

I'm making some major changes in my Etsy shop very soon. Stay tuned. . . .

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