Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two rooms completely unpacked. . .

And I only have two tiny peeks for you, since my camera batteries died. . . sorry! But I'll take more photos later.

Now, the living room --

I LOVE the huge window. It looks out into our front yard, and on into the pasture. The walls really need help in here -- they are institution-grey, with a sad, drab olive trim. Any color suggestions? The french doors lead on into the classroom (painted an even darker, uglier grey), but the doors themselves are so pretty, and so antique.

I feel VERY accomplished about unpacking this next room -- the kitchen! It usually takes me weeks to unpack this room. But all I got to photograph was this silly antique cabbage-shredder-thingy before my camera died. Perfect for hanging some of my aprons on it. . . .

Oh, don't you love the mulberry purple walls? I DON'T. I absolutely hate purple -- the one color I detest! But somehow, my sweet husband has decided that he wants to decorate / manage the kitchen, and has decided to keep the purple. I am rolling my eyes right now.

The children's bedrooms were all unpacked immediately, so really, there is more progress than just two rooms. The dining room, classroom, and linen closets are all almost completely unpacked, and I'll finish those tomorrow, and then I'll finish up our room. I wonder why I always leave my room for last?

I hope you all have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving, and a lovely weekend! I'll be back this weekend with (hopefully) a few more photos. God bless!


  1. What an achievement! It looks great. I love the apron hooks, and I'm with you, that purple is not good!!

  2. yeah...i don't like purple either...but the color i detest the most is pink. i guess it's because with every girl, we got all pink everything and then making toys, i always had requests for pink flower fairies and pink gnomes...UGH! :0)

    good luck with the painting and decorating. your home looks lovely so far...can't wait to see more pix. hope your holiday was lovely with your family...and thanks for being a good friend!! blessings~jenn


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