Monday, November 2, 2009

A few hours left. . .

. . . for packing and moving!

It's really happening, folks! And I couldn't be more excited / scared / elated / relieved / terrified. You see, this is our first home purchase. . . we've rented all these years, because we moved around a bit with my sweet husband's job. But now we're ready to settle down, and put down real roots. And that feels wonderful.

More pics to come, I promise.

And a few hours left. . . .

There are a few hours left in the ETC First Monday Sale to snag some early Christmas gifts at bargain prices! Support cottage industry and buy handmade. . . Etsy makes it so easy.


  1. cogratulations!!! how exciting to decorate. I can't wait till we are in a postion to buy.

  2. What a front yard!!! Have fun with all that space:)

  3. Congrats!!! I know you'll have a great time decorating your new home :)

  4. How exciting to own your first home! :0)
    Have fun moving in and decorating....

  5. Congrats, Connie! That looks like a wonderful property --- and all that space for the Monkeys, how exciting! Plus, a barn! More storage space for fabric, perhaps?


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