Saturday, October 10, 2009

A peek and an update

I recently finished this item (which has not been received by my swap partner yet, thus the "peek") and I was surprised at how much I liked these non-traditional fall colors together.

Sorry about the terrible lighting! I have truly ugly lighting in my workspace. Hopefully, in our next home, that will not be the case.

The update. . .

Today we had a garage sale -- what an undertaking! But my Monkeys really threw their energy into it, and I actually did very little work on it today. (My work was sorting and culling for the two weeks prior.)

I wish I had taken some photos, because they were so cute negotiating with customers, serving hot cocoa, and just generally running the show. Speaking of hot cocoa, it was in the 50s all day here -- about 20 degrees below the normal temps for this time of year... so lovely. The kids set up a table on the sidewalk and sold hot cocoa and fresh homemade cookies. They were swamped with customers all day!

We have shifted our packing efforts into high-gear, and that means I'm going to be packing my fabrics, and (dare I say it?) my machines. I will probably do this next weekend, so my shop will once again go into Vacation Mode. I am hoping to reopen in time for the holidays, mid-November-ish, but I am not making any promises. Unpacking a household of 10 can take a while, and with it being cold and flu season, well. . . you understand.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Good luck with the move! Moving is hard enough when you're just moving yourself . . . can't imagine what a job moving 10 people would be! Hope it all goes well :)


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