Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our pumpkin patch

This year, I am being a big meany and not allowing the Monkeys to carve pumpkins. We will be moving around Halloween. Although the Monkeys see nothing wrong with loading stinking, rotting pumpkins onto a moving truck, I don't think that a wise, or convenient, option this year.

As a compromise, each child designed their own jack-o-lantern pillow! OK, so it's not anywhere near the same, but we all enjoyed our craft night (aka break from packing) and they love their pillows.

Working hard on designing their pillows. . . .

I love how different each pumpkin is.

I had imagined using these as couch pillows, but the Monkeys had other ideas -- they cuddle and sleep with their pumpkins every night. I also like how they will have something to curl up with year after year. It's also a little sentimental reminder of this time in our lives, when everything was a bit upside down and crazy, but we still managed to have fun together and grow closer as a family.

I think it beats a stinky real pumpkin any day.

Want to make your own fancy pumpkin patch?  HERE'S the tutorial!  :)


  1. Fantastic idea! They look great . . . and you're right, rotting pumpkins in the moving truck would be a bad thing!

  2. Those are amazing! I love pumpkins!

  3. That was a great idea! Unfortunately, we are doing the stinky smelly one - and I'm sure I'll get stuck ripping out the guts. :)

  4. that is such an awesome idea!


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