Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An autumn leaf doll and a patchwork trivet

I joined an autumn swap a little while back, and I thoroughly enjoyed crafting for it! My partner received her package yesterday, so I thought I'd share a few of photos with you now. (Please excuse the awful photos.)

An autumn dotee doll. . .

I had never heard of these dolls, but my partner collects them. They have entire swaps for these on Craftster and Swap-Bot. I decided to try to make one for her.

I painted the fabric myself -- some reclaimed cotton fabric, soaked in water, and I floated some acrylic paints on the wet fabric. Once the paint dried, I ironed the fabric to set the paint. I like how it turned out.

She also collects tea pots, so I wanted to make her a trivet and coasters to go with the cute acorn-themed tea pot I picked up for her at Cracker Barrel. I used this tutorial on Etsy to make the trivet.

UPDATE. . .  I have posted a tutorial and pattern for the coasters and trivet.  You can find it HERE.

I used mostly reclaimed fabrics for this. Again, the colors/lighting in this photo are awful -- they're really much richer and deeper. . . not so "citrus-y."

The tutorial recommends using felt (I'm assuming a thick, industrial type felt?) for the inner lining. I used one layer of craft fleece, plus a layer of Insul-Bright. I wish I had used an additional layer of thin batting, or at least doubled up on the fleece.

I'll post some more photos and links tomorrow!


  1. What a lucky partner! I would love to have that trivet and coaster set =)
    I did a dotee swap on Craftster once, it was fun!

  2. These are both just fantastic! My Mom is going to scream when she sees this trivet set... she loves tea! And your fabric for the doll came out so great :)

  3. So freaking cute with out looking "goosey"! (A new term I just made up that applies to crafts that are hideous in the geese-wearing-bonnets kind of way.)
    I am way jealous of your partner!

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  5. Aaaaaah!!!! Those are SO CUTE!!! Coasters with ribbon handles! I'm dying! I love the fabrics you used, too!
    Oh I want to go make those right now.


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