Thursday, October 29, 2009

AWESOME boy shirts and a legendary jacket

A lovely set of embellished shirts arrived on our doorstep today! My sweet partner sent them to Monkey 7, and she captured his quirky-sweet spirit perfectly.

This adorable owl shirt has so many different textures and fabrics and hand embroidery ---> love this! Monkey 7 is showing me his strong-man pose. . .

Awesome ever-so-slightly-sparkly shark. . . .

And he demanded I take photos of the octopus on the back. . . of course. . . .

His scariest dinosaur face:

Monkey 7 went leaf-hunting this morning, and he's showing off both his favorite leaf, and his buttony leaf tree shirt! (Let's ignore crazily-dressed Monkey 6 in the background.... he always dresses like that. )

And why is he so happy? (Other than the fact that he just received these awesome shirts...?)

Because he also received the most awesome jacket IN THE WORLD:

I saw a print of this here, and just fell in love with it. It describes his little personality perfectly, and my sweet partner made this special jacket for him.

Group shot (except for the button tree shirt, which he is still wearing). . . .

Monkey 7 was excited to get his very own swap package, and he really likes every single item my partner made for him. Thank you so much, C! These are perfect!

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