Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sewing super-easy skirts

The older Monkeys and I did a bit of sewing today.
They had been wanting to sew themselves some skirts for quite awhile, but I never made time to help them with this. But since my schedule has been a bit more relaxed as of late, we decided to tackle this project today.

We used this tutorial for a very, very simple pattern for the older girls' skirts. For fabric, the girls chose some inexpensive stretch knits from the $1.50/yard table at Wal-Mart, or from my stash. We also got to use my new-to-me serger, and they were really excited/nervous about that, too.

We all had a lot of fun. . . .

And aren't they so lady-like?

Of course, I wouldn't leave my sweetest, littlest girl out of the fun, so I finally made her this skirt, using the easiest skirt tutorial ever.

She has asked for 3 more. She'll be getting them very soon!

And a giveaway. . . .

A very talented, very sweet artist, Erin, is having an awesome giveaway on her blog, Erin Compton Design. You've seen her work before. . . .

The (soon-to-be-framed-because-he's-outgrowing-it) Ocho luchador shirt! Adorable!

Now be sure to drop by and leave a nice comment on her blog!


  1. fantastic tutorial!!! i just might try it out with a zigzag stitch. No serger here :(

  2. hey, that's great...that is one of the fun things i've been experiencing more of lately...making things for my kiddos!

  3. Love it when girls can be themselves... the skirts are great!! I love simple patterns that create a wow factor!


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