Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Many blessings, and still no peeking, swappers!

Today I am posting about my many blessings. I thought about my sweet little Ocho. . .

He just makes my day. He finally learned to say "Mama" last week. Oh, and here he's wearing the little pants I made him!

And I thought about how blessed we are with Christine's news. Yet another thanks to you all for the kind words, support and especially prayers!

And I thought about the awesome box of fabric my sister brought for me to play with:

She said, "Sorry, it's just a box of scraps." I looked at her in shock -- Are you kidding me? Now you know what to get me for Christmas! (And I wasn't kidding.) Look at them! They're fabulous!
No peeking past this point, swappers!

And I did get this finished for one of my swap partners. . .

I used this fabric from one of my favorite Etsy shops, karaku. Only visit her shop if you are having a strong-resolve kind of day or are completely broke. Not really; visit anyway.

It's reversible, too.
I just spotted this in her shop. . . feeling. . . weak. . . help!


  1. MIDLAND?! When I lived in Lubbock we had "area church" in Tarzan, Texas and Midland was where we would take the youth group, which consisted of about two kids, to play miniature golf.
    I can't believe I used to drive 2-3 hours every Sunday for church!

  2. What is it about boys born on April 23? Easton refuses to call me 'mama' still... well, on rare occasions!

    I miss the Craftster swaps, I just haven't had the time to participate this summer. Thanks for sharing your goodies, I just love what you make!


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