Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cool Craftster swag, and hurry and vote!

I just received this awesome shirt from Craftster yesterday. . . .

Even my Monkeys approve. (Thanks, Craftster!)

Did you vote?

Did you remember to vote for your favorite entry in our monthly Etsy Texas Crafters Design Challenge? August's theme is The Elements, and there are over 30 interesting entries. Please take a moment and choose your favorite! (The top 5 vote-getters win cool prizes, too.) You can cast your vote here, and follow the link to the voting page.

This entry is from CordovaStudios -- beautiful!

New 'do. . .

I hate getting my hair cut. Really, really, hate it. And no, it's not from some silly Mom Martyrdom Syndrome where I neglect myself. Honestly, it's because you have to make small talk. And that completely drains my introverted self. I haven't had my hair properly cut since before Owen was born.
BEFORE. Ugh. No shape, no body, no nothing. I mostly wore it in a ponytail, every day.

So my very sweet youngest sister, who just so happens to be in cosmetology school, paid us a visit last weekend, and cut my hair. I love it. Really.

Thanks, Sister! You're the best!

No craftiness to post today. Two little Monkeys are under the weather. I'm hoping it's just a 24-hour bug, and one they didn't care to share with the rest of us.


  1. Love that shirt! And your new hair!

  2. Suggest - be extra nice to little sister for plenty more excellent & free hair do's!
    It looks great, and the shirt is pretty cool too :)

  3. oooh hair looks SO GOOD!! Makes me feel hideous about mine, I am all pony tail every day, so sick of it!!


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