Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thrifty steal of the day

Today, I wanted to share my latest thifty steal with you. . . .

Only $3 a piece!!! These are in perfect condition, and I love the colors! The older Monkeys gave them a bath (on the sidewalk, for all to see, of course) and now they're move-in ready. Our disgustingly ugly, non-functional classroom chairs are going to chair heaven. Trust me, they're not worth saving or even recycling.

Thrifty tip. . . . Sign up for your local thrift store's mailing list or email newsletter. Many thrift stores have these. You'll get advance notice of sales and deals before anyone else does. That's how I snatched up these chairs before they disappeared!


  1. wow, they are gorgeous! Good spotting!

  2. I'm sure the Monkeys will love using their new classroom chairs. One question, though: are they fighting over the lone yellow one?



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