Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Christmas in July, part 2... and please VOTE!


My dear sister didn't want to ship this to her next destination, and asked if I would like to have it. I offered to "store" it for her, until she needs it. ((((SO excited!))))

And my sweet friend, Sophie, sent this adorable pincushion to me a little while back (along with some delicious Tim Tams for Christine, which are loooong gone). . . .

I am sorry I'm just now posting this, Sophie. It's sitting right next to my machine, and I have been putting it to good use! It's perfect. Thank you!

Time to VOTE in the Design Challenge!  I even entered. . . .

Our Etsy Texas Crafters street team is hosting its monthly Design Challenge! The theme is Summer Magic, and there are quite a few submissions for this month's challenge. Please take a moment or two and vote here for your favorite Summer Magic entry. Here's my submission for the challenge. . . .

I remember sitting on my grandparents' back porch with all of my cousins and siblings, cooling down on a hot summer evening with a huge slice of watermelon. As the fireflies began to blink about in the yard, we always had a seed-spitting contest, which always quickly escalated into a seed-spitting war. This is such a fond memory from my childhood, and is what had inspired me to create this little pincushion for my shop.
Again, please take a moment and vote for your favorite Summer Magic entry! Thanks!


  1. connie. i havent been upto commenting much. but i do visit every now and then. :)

    i will make it up by voting :)

    have a lovely cool summer!

  2. i did it :) i voted for your lovely pincushion. also the other (last entry) watermelon custom napkin was neat-o. but i voted for you!

    have a nice week ahead!

  3. Wow.....great serger! I'd be happy to 'store' that one too. Sorry I missed the voting for the Texas Street Team. Your pin cushion looks good enough to eat!

    --Crafty Dad


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