Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Christmas in July! Part 1

I had such a wonderful, fabulous day yesterday. My sister and her husband drove in for a visit. I only get to see this sister maybe once a year, if I'm lucky. We simply live too far apart (and are generally too poor) to be visiting each other more often than that. We laughed, visited, ate, swam, and laughed some more. The day just wasn't long enough.

While I could stop this post now, with that being the best gift ever, all by itself, I do have more loveliness to post. I'm breaking it up into 2 posts, as I don't think I could handle so much goodness in one post.

A few years back, Monkey 6 and I flew out to Hawaii, where all 3 of my sisters were living at the time. Another wonderful visit. One night, we ordered take-out and watched Waiting for Guffman. I think we probably watched it twice, plus all the extra features, and laughed until we cried most of the time. It's ridiculously silly, if you haven't watched it. Inspired by the movie, my sweet sister made this piece for me. . . .

Aside from this just being amazing in general, I can't get over her stitching! And using that metallic thread -- well, it's no picnic, and her stitches are perfect.

Her countless hours spent, her thoughtfulness and creativity, this gift, means so much to me. It will be hung in my work space, so I can see it all the time. Thank you, sis!


  1. What a wonderful sister you have. I thought it was a drawing at first, I can't believe she stitched that - what a genius!

  2. wow!!! So much talent in one family. Your sister is very thoughtful.

  3. Oh my goodness! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Waiting for Guffman! SO funny! You should check out A Mighty Wind and Best in Show if you're not familiar with them already...same group of writers & actors!

  4. I am guessing this is S.C. She's one of the hardest-working people ever. She puts her all into everything and it's just astounding how wonderful it always turns out. Unreal brilliance.


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