Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beautiful embroidery

My sweet partner, pinkmichk, over on Craftster, stitched this beautiful tote for me!

I love the colors, the theme, the size of the bag, everything!

Her stitches are so neat and even -- very nicely done. . . .
She also made a sweet wire-wrapped nest pendant for me. I've wished for one for so long!

This could not have come at a better time -- what a huge day-brightener! On the swapping-front, I'm such a slacker. . . . I'm nowhere near done on her embroidered tote. Did I mention how sweet -- and patient! -- my partner is? I'll be sure to show you once it's done. Until then, I have some stitching to do!


  1. Wow, those goodies are so beautiful, what a lucky girl you are. If your partner even has the smallest inkling of what you can do then I know she will be SO excited to receive her goodies.

  2. What a beautiful nest pendant! You lucked out, lady!


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