Saturday, June 27, 2009

Same post, different day... well, and different totes

Again today, it was too hot to do anything -- 105!!! That's just obscene. Even the water at the pool is like warm bath water. Really gross.

So, what else is there to do right now, other than sew more totes?

Aloha! This tote was made from reclaimed khakis and pillow shams. The pillow sham fabric is an Alexander Henry print, too! I couldn't believe the pillow shams when I saw them at the thrift store -- brand new!

And a neat-O word-garden-y tote. . . .

It's made from reclaimed denim jeans and a skirt, and the lining is some really pretty Amy Butler Honeycomb fabric.

I've got another tote started, and I'll be finishing up on some swappy stuff tomorrow. I'm praying for a couple of cooler days, and maybe some rain, so we can go outside again without roasting!

How about a Christine update?

She's doing fantastic! Praise God! No infections, no inflammation. She is tolerating her methotrexate injections pretty well. She did have one day of nausea and discomfort after her first injection, but this week -- zero side effects! The vision in her right eye is still blurry, and she's still colorblind, so no real changes either way there. One of her specialists is tapering her steroids down again, starting tomorrow, so we'll have a wait-and-see period to go through now. . . . please keep praying that the swelling and inflammation does not return. Thanks, once again, for your prayers, support and encouragement.

God bless!


  1. Pretty, pretty totes Connie!! And I'm so glad Christine is doing better. YAY!!

  2. Beautiful totes and what excellent Christine news!

  3. Don't know which of your new totes I like best -- they are both fabulous!

    Great news about Christine! Our prayers will continue!


  4. oh, how i love that hula girl fabric!

  5. I've read through your blog-my prayers are definitely with Christine and your family. And that great news is fantastic to hear!

    Your totes are absolutely adorable! I love the fabrics!


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