Saturday, June 20, 2009

Maybe almost finished. . . .

I recently finished up on the Sacred Heart piece I was working on. . . .

I think I'm finished. I'm not sure. I am planning to frame this small piece -- it's 4.5" X 3.5" -- but I am unsure if I should leave the background plain and simple (white), or if I should go on and really embellish it with swirls, line drawings, etc. What do you think?


  1. It's beautiful!

    Could you play around in photoshop to see how it might look with the swirls and lines?

    I'm often afraid to add more to a piece, but then once I've done it am almost always happy with the final product.

  2. it's gorgeous as is and has a lot of color and dimension...adding more may make it "busy"...but if anyone can do it and pull it off, you probably could! ;0)

  3. Just gorgeous! I'd love to see it framed as well!


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