Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally -- a rainy day! And another tote

I am so, SO thankful for this cooler, rainy day! The temps stayed in the 80's all day -- what a welcome break from the 100+ temperatures of late. And a funny coincidence. . . my little red umbrella pincushion was featured on Etsy's front page this evening! YAY!

And another tote. . . .

I just love this print by Alexander Henry! This tote is made from new birdy fabric, reclaimed jeans and a reclaimed skirt for the lining.

I'm really enjoying plowing through my stack of fabrics and turning them into totes. I had to scrap my plans for a beach/pool bag design for this year. I think it's too late in the summer to make them now. Maybe next year. I am planning to start work on some messenger bags, and those lunch kit bags I designed -- just in time for back-to-school. I also have some exciting news to share in a bit, so be sure to drop by again soon!

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