Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of my favorite Etsy shops

It's no secret that I love old, well-worn things. These things receive marks, dents, scratches, holes, stains. . . from their interactions with people. People leave their impressions and shadows on things without realizing it. Maybe that's what intrigues me about old things. . . the previous owners. Who were they? What was going on in their lives? Why did they want this thing to begin with?

I am especially drawn to old photographs. It's a peek inside someone's life, from a safe distance. But there are so many questions, moods, emotions that surround an instant -- the instant caught on film.

One of my favorite Etsy shops is Bullbone. He sells old, original photographs for an insanely low price -- $5. Not only do you get the original photograph, with free shipping, I might add, but he will then email you a high-resolution scan of your photos. With this scan, you can then incorporate your photographs into artwork, websites, whatever you want -- without damaging the original.

Here's one of the photos I have purchased:

I was just so drawn to this precious child. I can easily imagine any one of my children being fascinated with that umbrella. It almost makes me sad, this photo. Who is this baby? Who is s/he now? Where was this photo taken? So many questions. I bought an old frame at the thrift store recently, and removed the glass. I plan to mount this photo very simply by pinning it to some vintage fabric with a straight pin, and then putting that in the frame.

Bullbone does offer some photo sets, like this one I snagged, again -- $5 for the set. These uploaded small (sorry!) but check out the massive amount of diapers on the clothes line! I had to laugh. . . I can identify, for sure!

He has lots of vintage bathing beauties, cars and odd parties. This one it just too freaky -- I can't even look at it. It seriously gives me the creeps.

If you aren't that interested in old photos, at least visit Bullbone for the snort-worthy stories he pens for each and every photo. Just don't do that while sipping coffee. Believe me, I learned that the hard way.


  1. The story he wrote for your set of three is crazy! That little boy totally looks like the baby I nanny, and they're both named Charles...

    What a cool shop!

  2. i love this post. thanks for sharing. i also love old photos and am lucky enough to have seen and have some of my fathers baby pictures and grandparents old photos. a favorite keepsake for sure.

  3. What a wonderful shop! Hearted :)

  4. I must admit that I also looking at old photos - I love the ones with all the nappies (diapers) flapping on the line, I used cloth on my first and our clothes line always looked like that!


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