Monday, May 4, 2009

A knock-out punch, a few more baby shirts and a big sale

OK, I was waaaaayyy wrong about that whole sickness thing. For me, it was not a 48-hour bug. More like a 144-hour (and counting) bug. So I apologize for not posting lately -- I had a legitimate excuse this time! And I even had some pics and stuff to blog about. . . .

A few more baby shirts. . . .

I recently swapped 10 baby shirts with my amazing partner, arimethia (see the post below for the awesome shirts she made Owen!) She received the shirts I sent her last week, so I'll post a few of them here. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the photos, as we've had lots of dark, rainy days lately (for which I'm very thankful -- we really needed the rain.) Links to tutorials for all of these techniques can be found in the Tutorials section on the left.

This shirt is a freezer paper stencil of Orion, with the stars embroidered. I'm hoping that with washing, the white will fade a bit, and look almost vintage-y.

This little sailboat was done with a reverse applique technique. I do like how this one turned out.

Little squirt! A rough applique, and some embroidery.

Hand-stitched felt applique, with a rough applique on top, and some machine embroidery thrown in for good measure.

More freezer paper stencilling, and a bit of embroidery.

Stencil. . . this goes with some lounge pants I made from the Simplicity 2734 pattern, using the Michael Miller Seafarer fabric.

Some reverse applique, and more embroidery.

The rest of the shirts I made (and a couple pairs of those lounge pants) can be seen here. See, I told you I got the better end of this swap! Thanks again, arimethia! :)

Since I already had everything out (read: a huge mess) I made Owen a pair of pants and a matching tee (applique, with machine satin stitch.) So comfy!

Oh, and a Texas-sized sale!

Our street team, Etsy Texas Crafters, is holding our monthly First Monday Sale! Over 90 shops are participating by offering special discounts, deals, freebies or free shipping! Be sure to drop by and see all the sales!

Pssst. . . 20% off everything in my shop today!


  1. You've been tagged please check it out.

    Get Creative!!!


  2. What wonderful finds! They are all adorable!

  3. That last photo is beautiful, those colours are perfect for Owen.
    The t'shirts are gorgeous. I really like the reverse applique, I am currently trying to prefect this technique on some coasters.


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