Friday, May 15, 2009

I don't need my umbrella today

Last night, I really needed an umbrella. You know -- when it rains, it pours.

Monkey 6 (my 5 year-old ball of energy) broke out in the most horrendous rash, out of the blue. I, being the tough veteran mommy, rolled my eyes at the hives. No biggie. Benadryl will save the day.


The rash laughed at the Benadryl, so Matthew had a quick trip to our pediatrician's office. (We really can't get enough of doctors these days!) The quick trip turned into a 2-hour event. . . . the rash wasn't hives. Bloodwork, a prescription to help with the itching, and we're home.

I'd post a picture of the rash, but it's really gross. But if you're brave, you can see a picture of it here. His looks like the photo that's in the middle row, far right. UGH.

Neither of us slept much, as he was itchy, had chills and ran fever most of the night. Poor little guy.

And as for today. . . .

We do have some good news to share today!

Monkey 6 did get a diagnosis today -- erythema multiforme (minor), and some sample medications (yay for free!) and is doing much better already.

And there's more!
All of Christine's tests came back negative for the autoimmune disorders the specialists thought could have caused her eye problem. Also, one of her doctors did more research on her condition. He found that while posterior scleritis is extremely rare, there have been otherwise healthy children present with this same condition, have all of their labwork come back negative, and everything still turn out well for them. Her steroid dosage was also reduced (yay!) and she is tolerating her medications well.

God is good. He's the only umbrella I need.


  1. Well, now I'm wishing I hadn't looked (lol).
    There are always times as moms when we think we know exactly how to fix the problem (benadryl), and life throws us a curve -- keeps life interesting. I'm glad to hear that both Matthew & Christine are doing better!


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