Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's thrift store find

We had to swing by a thrift store today (yes, had to -- I needed something to begin a project) and look at the cuties I found:

I think the one in the middle is my favorite. I wish I had gotten a better photo of these egg cups, but my camera batteries died just seconds after snapping this one.

I also wanted to post a photo of my sweet Owen today, on his first birthday. Perhaps enjoying a bit of cake and making a huge mess. But my poor baby spent the afternoon at the doctor's office, with an ear, eye and sinus infection. Please say a prayer for the little guy. Hopefully, he'll be well enough for his birthday party on Saturday!


  1. i hope your baby feels better soon :( and happy birthday to him.

    old cups are my all time favorite thing to look for. your finds are too adorable. i'm with you on the middle one being the favorite.

  2. oh no, poor Owen, that sounds awful - please give him big germ free cuddles from us.

    Your goodies are so GOOD - the middle one is my favourite too.

  3. Just found your blog, and really enjoyed going through it!

    A Happy Birthday to Owen (hope he's feeling better soon!)

    I spent my oldest son's first bday in the emergency room after he tripped and hit his noggin on a wooden chair. He's almost 17 now :O)

  4. those are indeed awesome finds.
    hey happy birthday to your little..err..not so little one! :)

    i found something that made me think of you. check it out:

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