Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some new sachets, and not much else

The "not much else" part of the title isn't completely accurate. I suppose it should read, "not much else crafty or exciting." We did get a lot of chores and errands done. . . went clothes shopping, weeded the yard (my daughters volunteered -- strange, I know), cleaned the house, and even got a bit of sewing done.

Speaking of sewing. . . .

I made some new sachets today for my Etsy shop. I had started experimenting with some spices a few months ago, to offer new sachet scents during the holidays. However, they didn't smell very lovely. Honestly, they smelled bad. I put all my spices and essential oils away, and focused on other things.

After the holidays, I started thinking about the sachets again, in the back of my mind. . . I let my subconscious work it out. I recently ordered different ingredients and essential oils, and began again.

I am happy to report that my first new batch is a success!

These sachets, made from unbleached muslin I rescued from the thrift store, are stuffed full of crushed cinnamon, Mexican allspice, ginger root, nutmeg, orange peel and orange essential oil. This particular blend was cured for two weeks. The resulting sachets are warm and inviting, with a happy tinge of citrus.
When these sachets are simmered in water, the scent changes. After several minutes of mulling, the sachet begins to release a lovely chai - type scent, with orange undertones. Very pretty! The sachets can be used again and again (and so can the simmering water,) until the scent fades away.

Now I'm inspired to try a few more blends I've been thinking about. I'll let you know how (or if) they turn out.
And I want to wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter!


  1. Are these sachets just for simmering? Is the water used for tea?

  2. These sachets are for simmering, or can be left dry and just used as regular sachets. I don't know why you couldn't drink the tea... but most people compost the water when they're done with it. I think you can compost the sachet, too!


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