Friday, April 10, 2009

My new apron, and a messenger bag

I recently did a personal swap with a super-sweet Craftster friend. . . an apron for a bag!

Here is my cute new apron:

I love the details -- the pocket, the rick rack, and especially the curvy hem! I wear this apron all the time.

I was in such a rush to ship her bag, I forgot to take any photos. I seem to do that alot! So my partner let me borrow her photos to show you. (Thanks, Teresa!) So here is the bag I made her:

It's made from 100% reclaimed fabrics -- a pair of pants and two skirts. She likes earthy colors, plus blues and greens. I tried to deliver on most of those preferences.

A bee applique on the outer flap of the bag:

I also made a little zippy pouch for her from some fabric scraps:
She said it matches one of her other bags perfectly! I really enjoyed swapping with her, and we may try to do another swap in the summer. Thanks so much, Teresa!


  1. I just love the idea of swapping, I am organising 2 right now with 2 bloggy friends, one I have met the other in California! It seems so much more valuable to me to recieve goods for goods rather than cash which just gets used up on useless things!

    I love the little zippy pouch, I can see you have already started to make something with your new fabric!

  2. Ohh what a wonderful swap! That zippy puch is so lovely, really the colors just scream SPRING!


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