Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cuteness in the mail

I received the most awesome package of swap cuteness today! It could not have come at a better time. . . my little ones have all had some 24 - 48 hour bug, which they have so generously shared with me. I am on hour 36, so I hope to be feeling much better tomorrow. Receiving this package was a day-brightener for sure! (Oh -- and we do not have the swine flu, thank goodness!)

This swap was an embellished onesie/t-shirt swap for little ones. My partner, arimethia, and I swapped 10 shirts, and I definitely came out on the sweet end of this swap! These are so amazing. . . little works of art!

Here is the first group shot:
The Dad and Narwhal shirts are straight off my Etsy faves! Adorable!
And the 2nd group shot:
The angel wings are also from my faves.

And how hilarious is the MST3K shirt! It cracks me up!

This cute little shirt (front):


(And I love Scrabble, too!)

Here is the last group:

So adorable.

The Alfred Hitchcock one is fabulous, isn't it?
The Mexican wrestler mask is my favorite, I think. Her stitching is amazing! I'm framing this one when he outgrows it, and hanging it in his room:

Here's my Ocho in action:

My little heart breaker:
My sweet partner even included some early Mother's Day gifts for me! So thoughtful:
I am really worried now about the shirts I made for arimethia's little one. . . they don't hold a candle to the ones I received today! Oh, and be sure to drop by her blog, and her cool Etsy shop! (Thanks so much, arimethia! This was such a fantastic swap!!)


  1. Thank you for your kind words! My heart is happy that you love them so much!
    (And I'm so glad you knew who the silhouette was. I was a bit nervous and so for awhile I was showing it to everyone who came over saying, "Can you tell who this is?")

  2. what amazing works of art. I love the branch with the leaves, so beautiful. I also adore those little plaid shorts/pants in one of the photos, too cute!!

  3. Ok, now I know we should be friends. There are not that many people much less women that even know what
    MST 3000 is much less like it. I still sometimes (to my husbands confusion) yell out things like "buffalo shot" or "boom mike" during movies. My computer science teacher used to let us watch his tapes of the show in high school. And no I am not as huge a nerd as I sound right now...well I probably am but I try not to broadcast it, usually.

  4. Those are amazing. You participate in the best swaps~

    We are re-vamping the team blog and would love to have a tutorial from you!


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