Monday, March 2, 2009

Interview, day trip and fabric

My interview with Craftster is finally done, and you can read all about it here. Thanks, jungrrl, for this fabulous opportunity!

A day trip. . . .

I would post more often, really, but how many times would you want to read about my hubby being away, little Monkey shenanigans, and addictive fabrics? OK, I'll give you that last one, but things are just really, reallllly slow right now.

We did have a little day trip to the Forth Worth Botanic Garden last week. We had some beautiful, springy weather -- 80 degrees -- and wanted to get out and enjoy it. (I'm sorry, my sweet northern friends. I don't mean to rub it in. You can post nice pictures of enjoyable summer afternoons when it's 105 here as payback.) We made some little paper journals, packed some crayons and colored pencils, and had an art day -- just drawing random bits of nature.

We topped off the afternoon with a stop at Sonic for some onion rings and cream slushes. Hey, why does Monkey 6 look like he just got busted??

Fabric addiction. . . .
I recently bought some Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabrics (from fabriccloset on Etsy) for some upcoming projects. They're pretty, but not exactly my favorites.

However, seeing the fabrics in person, and touching them, they are quite lovely.... very soft, and actually prettier in person. I may be buying more in the future. I should be able to show you one of my projects from these fabrics tomorrow, if I ever finish it!

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  1. ahh, looks so nice to be outside with lovely weather and flowers!!! i long for that...we'll be taking the spring months off...lots of time to be outdoors, then we'll homeschool lots during the blistering summer! (which i dread)


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