Saturday, February 21, 2009

Teeny tiny house, Part 2

Ohhh, I am such a lucky lady! I received my house from the fabulous camelama, and I am just floored by the amount of time and attention she put into this little project. She took my favorite colors, themes and addictions (you'll see what I mean) and turned them into a tiny, tangible object:

My partner indulges my fabric and button addictions, and throws in an abundance of red and cuteness!

And on the side of the house, a tiny mouse, and shutters, and. . . .

. . . . some lacy curtains! I love all the unexpected little touches she included all over this house.

A tiny flower garden in the back of the house, and its inhabitants:

And on this side of the house, camelama indulges my fondness for all things tropical, bright, and bold!

This house is full of secrets, which I had to unlock. . . .

Wait! What is this!?

This house opens up into a Dia de los Muertos Party!

Here's the main inhabitant, from all angles:

A close-up of the fabric, which is an Alexander Henry (again -- my favorite!):

Oh, and there is one more surprise. . . .

It glows in the dark!!!

Thank you so much, camelama, for this amazing tiny house! It is so me, and I truly appreciate all of the thought, time, and skill you put into creating this little item for me.


  1. That is a truely amazing little house, just beautiful.

  2. I LOVE this house (in fact, I may have to Wist it)! I'd love to know what pattern (if any) she used for it

  3. Hi! I'm a hand-wave-y make-it-up-as-I-go kind of gal. I used the guidelines of the swap: 4"x4"x4". So I made double-sided walls and floor seperately, then sewed the bottoms of the walls to the floor, and made roof panels a bit longer and wider, and made triangles that fit in the roof peaks front&back. The lining was cut to fit the house when all folded up and then fused onto the inside walls. The skull I made by studying a real sugar skull (thanks kittee!) and just kind of winging it. I went through quite a few drafts of the skull! (My living room was quite macabre for a while there with half-formed skulls all over...)

    I had SO much fun making this and am so glad it was well received, especially after I got my incredible wonderful house!!

  4. this is sooo beautiful. very nice!!

  5. This is AWESOME!!! I think I might be a little jealous of you. Blogged it at Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:


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