Thursday, February 19, 2009

Teeny tiny house, Part 1

I was a participant in the Tiny House Swap on Craftster recently. OH MY -- that was such a fun swap! I was able to revisit one of my favorite childhood pastimes -- building tiny homes and furnishings! I spent several hours (too many hours) on this project, playing with paper, glue, paint, clay and fabrics.

In my excitement to ship it to my neat partner, Camelama, I forgot to take any photos! Not a one! So, my partner has kindly allowed me to use these amazing photos that she took of the house. And here is the tiny house I created. . . .

Here's a glimpse of the interior through a window:

I made the roof removeable, and the furniture is "loose," so it can be rearranged and played with. What fun would a tiny house be, without getting to decorate and play with tinier furnishings?

Every tiny cottage needs a tiny sewing machine:

You can see more photos here, and even more here. (Thanks again, Camelama, for letting me borrow your fantastic photos!) Part 2 of this "Teeny tiny house" post will be written when MY tiny house arrives from Camelama! So excited!

And a nice blog mention. . . .

Thanks to Second Surf for mentioning my wool dryer balls in your blog! Yay!


  1. Of course there's a teeny tiny sewing machine! And is that a ball of yarn in the basket in the corner??

    Love it all!

  2. Yarn stash? Absolutely! Every respectable Tiny House has one....

  3. How cute is that? Making teeny-tiny things is so much fun! Love the sewing machine!

  4. That is really neat. I used to make tiny houses and furniture when I was a young girl out of....TIN kidding! They were quite elaborate. :0) Thanks for bringing back that memory...

  5. That house . . . OH MAN! It is amazing!!! Seems like such a fun project to do too! One of my most fun projects was a mini pumpkin dressed as Henry VIII that I made with all scraps . . .this seems like just that kind of thing. Where you built based on what you had not the other way around. I'm just in love with this teeny house and I might have to make one too! Hmm . . .wonder if there's another round in the works?


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