Friday, February 20, 2009

A priest comes to visit. . . .

Just when you think you've seen it all, you realize that that is a pretty dumb thought to think.

Our dear friend (who is a priest) dropped by today for little visit. We don't get to see him very often. . . . it has been about two years since we last saw him, as he lives about 250 miles from here. We were chatting in the living room, about the drawbacks of the iPhone, and the good features of a Blackberry, when my precocious 2 year old silently enters the room.

Wearing only a shirt and a smile. And I mean only.

Our visitor did not notice him, although my Monkey was prancing about, putting on a quite a show, but I was instantly mortified. My teen daughters, all lounging against walls or furniture, didn't notice the side show, either. No one noticed. . . . until I decided to end the dance show and escort my little Monkey out of the room to find his clothing.

It was bound to happen, right? Law of averages? Murphy's Law?



  1. I am SO used to naked kids, Eva is now taking after Lucia and takes her clothes off every chance she gets - today we went to a birthday party and the birthday girl was nude!

    Your boy is so sweet, how could you not eat him up?

  2. Giggle! When raising kids, there is NEVER a point where you can say you've seen it all!

    Before I met my husband, I knew his cousin, with whom I rode back to college with on the weekends (She actually introduced me to my hubby). We stopped by their aunt's house one day, and here came their 2yo cousin out the door, running buck naked around the yard. Poor auntie was soooo embarrassed!

    The blessing, though, is in looking at that sweet little angel while he is sleeping...just kinda makes you forget his misdeeds...until the next time! ;)

  3. That's hilarious!! Too bad you didn't have the camcorder handy. Wouldn't that have made an excellent video moment to someday show his future wife? LOL


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