Monday, February 23, 2009

My sock solution, and finally, a new tote!

Imagine having 10 people in your household. OK, maybe that was a bit too difficult to start off with, but let's pretend for a minute.
Those 10 people have 2 feet, and wear a pair of socks at a time.

Let's assume those 10 people have a minimum of 10 pairs of socks. (That's a low guesstimate, but a nice easy number to work with.)

10 people x 20 socks = 200 socks total (again. . . minimum)

So you can also try to imagine my nightmare trying to launder said socks. Most of the time, I don't know which sock belongs to what person's foot. Owen's and my husband's are about the only distinct socks in the house. However, my teen daughters can tell by the stitch count and thread distortion on their own socks, and have a keen sense of when someone else is wearing their particular species of sock. And then cat-fights then ensue.

I refuse to sort socks any more, or be a party to the above-mentioned sock crimes. My solution?

I don't know why it took me so long to think of this. Every sock in the house goes into this really big basket (that I picked up, new, at the thrift store for $3) and every person is responsible for rooting through the basket for their own socks. It's not my problem any more. And it has worked amazingly well for us for the past 3 months.
And no, my whites are not that white. Need to work on that. Next year. Or not.

Finally, a tote!

The thrift stores have been good to me lately, and I've picked up some of the cutest fabrics I've seen in a long time. Here's my newest tote:

I'm planning to list a new tote every day this week. Tomorrow's tote involves some brown, raspberry and birdies!
Oh, a little update -- we still don't know when or where we're moving. . . . just that we will be. How frustrating!


  1. That is an absolutely beautiful bag. I developed the same solution to the sock problem a few years ago and kept it up even with only one child left. You still seem to get lost socks!! A friend told a story of how his mother had two large garbage bags full of socks and not a pair amongst the lot! Can you imagine the cost?!!!! Cherrie

  2. i have a keen sense of the sock stitch thing you mentioned. and i never let my hubby fold the socks. he gets too confused.

    i like ur solution though. let each find their own.

    lovely lovely very lovely bag. realy pretty!!

  3. I love your sock idea. I know we don't have that many people in our house, but sold folding is my least favorite task....

  4. My son's giant feet are now almost as big as his dad's. So sometimes I have trouble telling their socks apart. I'm sure that will only get worse as his feet continue to grow.

    Love the new bag! What kind of thrift stores do you have where you live? We have a Goodwill Superstore but they never have fabric. You must hang out there 2-3 times per week to be able to get all this good stuff.

  5. I haven't gone that far yet, but we do have a large basket we keep them in and we'll fold them about once a week. Sigh...often kids are grabbing them from the basket to I guess I have gone that far! :0) HAHA


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