Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just jump right in. . . . and a giveaway!

I figured I'd just jump in and spare you all the details of my hellish last few weeks. I did promise an update on Monkey 4's knee, so that will come at the end of tonight's post.

In other very brief news, we don't know when or even where we are moving yet, the babies are feeling better, and I've gotten some fun crafting done. :)

So on to the fun crafting. . . .

I recently participated in an embroidered tea towel swap, with a Valentine's Day theme. I had never embroidered a towel before, so I was very nervous about attempting one. But once I got started, I was amazed at how relaxing embroidery was! My sweet partner, PerachYafeh, was so easy and fun to craft for! This is the towel I made her:

I tried this tinting technique to color the little pup. This was also my first try, so the execution left a lot to be desired. It's a neat technique, though, and its possibilities are endless!

I also made her two little pincushions -- a love letter and a birthday cake -- and you can see those here. Thanks so much for being such a great partner and organizer, PY! (Be sure to check out her blog, too!)

And how about a giveaway?!
The Spotted Box is giving away one of my little pincushions:

You can enter to win just by leaving a comment here! Good luck! :)

And finally, the Monkey 4 update. . . .

Boiled down, the news is not good.

About 3 years ago, just before his knee surgery, he had a CT scan from his hips to his ankles. It was discovered that the groove at the end of his femur was a little shallow. We were hoping that the groove would deepen as he grew.

Picture of normal femur. . . note the deep groove at the end.

The new CT scans were very revealing. Now, the groove is no longer there -- at all. And now both femurs look like this:

How Monkey 4's femurs look now.

There is basically no place for his patella to rest. So, instead of "residing" in this nice little groove like this:

. . . . it grinds atop this condyle like this:

The femurs also now have a twist to them, and that presents another stack of issues we'll have to deal with later.

What do we do now? We wait. We manage his symptoms, and buy time.

His doctor told him to go out and have the best summer ever, and to do whatever he pleased. My sweet boy was ecstatic with that news (and I think he tuned out the rest of that conversation, which involved surgeries, bone reshaping, etc.) But that's OK. I plan to help him have this fantastic summer. We'll see his doctor again at the end of it.

SO, in full disclosure, the trampoline alone did not damage his knee. He had a predisposition to knee injury. But the initial injury was still due in part to jumping on the trampoline. And I still hate trampolines.


  1. I am sorry you had a hellish week! :(
    I hate to hear all of that about your son, that is very unfortunate! :( Kinda depressing, I know as a mother, for you it's probably very difficult.

    And your tea towel is beautiful!! :0)

  2. Wow Connie, the tea towel is just beautiful, I love that red detail around the dog (who is just adorable!).

    So sorry about the knee, man, medical issues just suck don't they!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous goodies you made (as usual)!

    I'm so sorry about your son - do they know what causes the bone to lose it's curve?

  4. Thanks for the kind words, esp. about our son. In the big scheme of things, it's just a knee, and we are so thankful he's very healthy otherwise. :)

    Stacy -- we don't know why his bones grew that way... he's put together a little different than most kids in general anyway. He's very, very stretchy and flexible. An example -- he can dislocate his shoulders at will, and without pain. CRAZY. But his body is just a little "odd." We had hoped for the groove to deepen, but that was just a hope, not a real expectation. We had not even imagined that it would fill in, though... that was a surprise!

  5. I hope monkey4 has the best summer full of fun and good memories to help him get through the surgeries and recovery. Sorry the news wasn't the best but I am glad your doctor seems nice and it is good he has a plan.
    I had planned on signing up for that swap too, but I just started with tea towels and wasn't sure how it would come out. I love yours though, great job.

  6. Wait! What's this?! You're crafting for someone other than me?!! ;)

  7. I'm sorry for monkey 4. I hope his summer is awesome. No kiddo should have to go through stuff like that.

    Your tea towel is gorgeous.

  8. Hugs for Monkey4 (and his mom!) Can't even imagine what all of this is like for you -- and I hate trampolines, too!

    You reallllly oughta sell that little birthday cake pincushion! J'adore!



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