Tuesday, January 13, 2009

De-cluttering done, and sewing machine drama

After 8 hours, one trip to Good Will (with 12 garbage bags and 2 large boxes) and several posts to FreeCycle, my classroom is finally de-cluttered! I feel lighter. Only 5 more rooms to go. . . .

Two of the things I posted on FreeCycle were sewing machines -- now on to my dilemma:

I was blessed to have 3 sewing machines: a basic Singer, which was my college graduation present over a decade ago:
and two Brothers, that my sister rescued from the garbage this past summer.

The Singer was my everyday machine. It wasn't the best -- the stitches weren't quite even or perfect (or professional-looking) but it was simple and worked hard. The Brothers, of unknown history or age, miraculously, worked fine as backup machines: I suppose my workload was too much for two of them. My handy-dandy Singer died, just before Christmas, when I had aaallll those sachet orders to fill. Nice timing. One of the Brothers died shortly before that (pictured above.) I prayed that my last back-up machine would last me through Christmas (it did.)

I called our local sewing machine repair shop to ask about service fees. I felt sick when he told me it would be $90, per machine, just to look at them. I'm not sure my Singer cost that much new! So, I offered them through FreeCycle. . . . maybe someone can fix them and get several more years out of them.

Now, what to do? I was going to save up my birthday money, and some Etsy sales, and invest in a new, heavy-duty machine. I don't want a fancy computerized machine -- that's just not what I would use. I want a work horse.

Dilemma solved:

My seamstress sister recommended the Singer HD110, with a commercial grade motor (and 1100 stitches per minute! woo-hooo!) I researched that model, read the reviews, and decided that that was the machine for me. I had asked my father if he could repair my other machines, and he said it just wasn't worth it. . . . and then bought me the Singer HD for my birthday!!!! (I'm excited -- this warrants 4 exclamation marks!)

It arrived just a few days ago, and I finally got to try it out yesterday. Looooove it. LOVE it! It's so fast, and the stitches are just beautiful. It's supposed to be able to sew heavy fabrics like denim, canvas and leather with no problems, so I can't wait to make some new totes with it. Thank you so much, Dad! It's perfect.


  1. LOVE that cute sewing machine... I so need a new one!!! Might have to look at one of those:) And yay for decluttering! I am also in that process and boy is it overhwhelming!! I sold a bunch of furniture on craiglist today haha, yaya!! :) Good luck my dear, xo!!

  2. woohoo!!! that is the BEST birthday gift I could imagine also!DId you order it from a local shop? or thru the internet? I'd love to have one too; a girl I work with just told me that THIS is the machine to have if you really want to do lots of sewing and have it last for years. looks like DAD did GOOD!

  3. that's just great...i love family and friends who buy me expensive stuff i can't afford! :0) my mother in law once bought us a dyson vacuum because our cheap-os kept blowing up!! :0)

  4. WOW, very jealous but so happy you have a perfect machine. What a great dad.

  5. Thanks for the comments! Robin, my machine was ordered through a storefront on Amazon -- Stacks and Stacks. You can find them by clicking on the "Singer HD110" link in the above post. It arrived in just days, and in perfect condition. I'm really enjoying it!

    And Jenn, I'd LOVE to have a Dyson... with all the messes we have around here, it's a necessity! Sophie, don't you have one, too?


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