Monday, December 8, 2008

Feast Day of St. Nicholas, and some cool news

More apologies for long delays in posting! We're all healthy and I'm doing well, too. No depression or migraines for a few weeks now. Thank God!

Right after Thanksgiving, my sweet husband was sent out of town on business. . . until December 23rd. Yes, his bosses have lost their minds. Unfortunately, my husband wasn't asked to do this particular job, and couldn't refuse. So now both of our jobs have gotten tremendously difficult, and at a most inconvenient time of the year! I don't know how you military families and single parents do this every day. You have my admiration and respect. I am just plain exhausted, and my night-owlishness is just about cured as of late.

In the midst of all of this, my Monkeys kindly reminded me about St. Nicholas' Feast Day, which was on December 6th. (I was actually surprised to see Etsy mention this in the Storque!) This has been a tradition of ours for about seven years now. . . ever since our priest back in Texarkana, Msgr. Jerry, told our kids about it -- but made sure they told their parents about the feast day first! ;)

So St. Nick paid a visit to the ReFabulous household. If you've noticed the few extra shoes, we had some visitors over the weekend, and St. Nicholas leaves everyone some goodies.

Here is Monkey 7, completely shocked and rendered speechless at the sight of candy. In his shoes. (And yes, he wore his sister's shirt to sleep in that night. Yes, it's a long story, and no, it's not worth re-telling. Really boring, really.)

Later that morning, we watched the Toys for Tots Motorcycle Run blow through our sleepy little town -- the boys especially loved it!

Right after that, we watched a very small parade -- so much smaller than last year's.


However, it was a nice weekend, and our visitors (friends of our daughters from above-mentioned Texarkana) and my Monkeys all seemed to have a good time. They are all exhausted, as am I.

But I still need to get some sewing done because of this cool news:

Mighty Haus mentioned my sachets on their blog today! Because of their kind mention, I received several more orders for sachets! Thanks, Ms. Summers and Ms. Mason!


  1. Yeah for the Mighty Haus mention! Boo for your hubby being out of town :(
    I know what you mean though - you really miss them when they're away. I forget little things - like to put out the trash on Tues. and Fri. Our trash just piles up and up. LOL

  2. congratulations on getting through it with your sanity in tact!


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