Sunday, December 28, 2008

the refabulous catnip mouse

I mentioned a few posts back about a new item I've listed in my shop, and here they are!

I made these sweet little mice from reclaimed fabric scraps, some rescued embroidery floss, cotton cord, catnip and polyfil.

I was inspired to make this pattern because a few years back, Santa used to make these mice for our cat, Sally, and leave them in her stocking. Sally passed away about two years ago, and we all miss her dearly. I think we miss her most during the holidays. We miss her climbing the Christmas tree, batting down the ornaments, or hiding among the presents to pounce on an innocent passer-by. Here's an old photo of Sally and me -- I was pregnant with Monkey 6 at the time!

And this photo is even older -- we were still living in Greensboro, I believe this was around 1999!

EDITED TO ADD:  these mice are no longer available in my shop. I'm sorry for any inconvenience!


  1. what a cute pattern! I'll have to pass this on to my daughter who shares a cat with her boyfriend. I'm allergic so no kitties for me, but I do like the mouse!

  2. This is just the sweetest mice! Lucky kitty..

  3. These are SO cute. I don't have a cat but I think they would be lovely baby gifts, maybe with a little bell inside or something? I know of 3 imminent births so I am going to get started. Thanks for making the pattern available.

  4. That is such a cute lil' mousie. He looks like one I participated in a kind of swap with some friends a few years ago, only ours were made of felt, with little felt ears. We had to make our version to send to 6 of our friends, and it was fun to see how we each decorated our little mice!

    Happy New Year!

  5. thank you so much for the cute catnip mouse pattern ... I've made a few of my own but needed something a little more chubby and this one fits the bill! thanks for sharing it!

  6. Hurray! Printing this pattern out now :)

  7. Thanks for the pattern! I plan to enlarge this and use it as a purse/handbag for a kitty Halloween costume.


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