Friday, December 26, 2008

A beautiful ring, and my new pincushion

My sweet husband has not worn his gold wedding band for several years now, due to severe chemical burns he sustained on that hand. Once the initial burns healed, he developed traumatic dermatitis on that hand, with blisters flaring up any time he wears his ring. The doctor had told us that it was his body's way of trying to heal irritations (since the burns,) but it over-reacts, and creates more problems. It will be like this for the rest of his life.

I'm a little old-fashioned, and I think that my married husband should look, um, married.

After Thanksgiving, I stumbled across Rob and Leighanne's Etsy shop after Thanksgiving. I was drawn to their ring designs, and the fact that they utilize unusual materials -- wood, titanium, enamel, hard surface -- in addition to traditional precious metals.

I inquired about their titanium rings, and found that they use a commercially pure titanium, which is hypoallergenic! I decided to order this ring for my husband as an anniversary present.

A few days ago, the ring arrived. OH MY. It is so beautiful in person. Photos just don't do it justice.

My husband loved it -- and I am so relieved, as he is very picky about things like this. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong size (too big) and will have to order another ring.

But the craftsmanship is unbelievable, and you can feel and see the pride that went into handcrafting this piece. The customer service is great, and they're just neat people. Please drop by their shop after a while -- their shop is temporarily closed at the moment.

My new pincushion. . . .

I received a new pincushion from igobylorib! It's from the pincushion swap I organized on Craftster.

This baby is massive! And I just love it. I think it's made from recycled sweaters, too -- so cool. It will be presiding over my sewing area, making my other pincushions jealous (or intimidated.) (Thanks, Lori!)

I'll start sign-ups for Round 10 of the pincushion swap, so stay tuned if you're interested!


  1. What a beautiful ring for your hubby, and I agree...a married person should LOOK married!

    it sounds as if your family had a very nice Christmas, and how nice that your lil' Monkeys let you sleep until after dawn! I love the idea of the party...and the ugly shirt contest is a hoot! What a great idea for some good, clean fun!

  2. Is there a link to the etsy shop you referred to? DF has suggested that he'd prefer titanium vs. a typical metal for his wedding ring.

  3. Sure, Nancy! You can find them here, and they've already started restocking their shop! :)


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