Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Two new pincushions, gorgeous fabrics, and another day-brightener!

I was recently making some wrist pincushions for a large order, so I made up a few extra for my shop. They're so much fun to make! This one came together by accident. I had planned the cuff in completely different patterns and colors, but just randomly set the pincushion down on this cuff instead. A happy accident!

This one has a pretty, rich brown cuff. That gorgeous brown paisley fabric is Pistachio Patti Paisley, by Michael Miller. I purchased it from fabricsupplies on Etsy. A great guy to work with, and very reasonable prices!

Speaking of gorgeous fabrics. . . .

I haven't bought any lately, but I did buy this a few weeks ago from modfabric's shop (also on Etsy):

Again, a lovely shop to work with! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. It reminds me of Hawaii.

Have you seen Heather Ross' Menocino line? Ohhhhh. My new favorite fabric set:
It comes in such great colorways! That's the only reason I haven't bought any yet -- I can't decide which colors I want!
Another day brightener. . . .
Today I received a lovely package from laideebugz from the Fill A Mug Swap on Craftster!

I just love the batik fabrics she used, and the rich colors, too. Those fingertip oven mitts in the back are so neat -- my daughters were especially impressed with those! Some coasters, a java jacket, little drawstring bags, and that awesome pyramid bag were all crafted by my sweet partner! Then, those were all stuffed with coffees, cocoa, and apple cider -- yum! I'm sipping the pumpkin spice coffee now from my new coffee mug. Who needs Starbucks?!? Thanks so much, G.!

Monkey 2 update. . . .

Today was the first day in 4 weeks that she did not wake up crying in pain. Seems like the antibiotics are working so far.


  1. wow. what awesome fabrics. truly its hard to choose! impressed with the sweet wrist band pin cushions! the brown fabric is beautiful!

    gald to know monkey 2 is feeling better in days! :) hope all this makes things easier for u too connie!

  2. Well, you know how I feel about your pin cushions, everything you make is beautiful.

    I am so pleased monkey 2 is better, what a relief for you all.

  3. MERMAID FABRIC!!! LOVE!! you always find the best fabrics!

  4. I'm so glad Monkey 2 is better!!!

    I voted in the early voting and no one gave me a button :(
    I want a button too.

  5. oh connie. thank you so much for the package of my sachets. i loved it. u really didnt have to include another one for the assumed "inconvenience". its none at all! i was just eagerly awaiting it thats all :)

    thank you soooo much.i will post bout it soon! :) love ya. they are beautiful!!

    hope alls well at ur end. thanks once again

  6. I'm so glad you liked them, keyomi! :)


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