Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful, plus a peek at my stash

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! (Or just an extra-special Thursday to my sweet international friends!)

Even in difficult times, we are all so abundantly blessed. We have life. We have opportunity. We have dreams. We are all Loved. My dad always used to tell me that if we are thankful, then we'll be happy. I didn't understand that when I was young. . . I thought that once I was happy, then I'd be thankful. I had it backwards. His words are so true.

I pray that each and every one of you and your loved ones are blessed beyond measure, and that your days are full of peace. And maybe some pie.

And now, my humble stash. . . .

I am showing you this ONLY because Stacy asked, and I spent 5 hours (yep, FIVE) sorting, organizing and cleaning up my horrendous mess of a stash last night (and some this morning!) I am too ashamed to show you a "before"picture, so please don't ask. My Monkeys had decided it would be great fun to pretend that my stash was a mountain for them to climb, and it became, well, a mountain. Mama was not happy. But Mama is happy with this now:

This is a big part of my stash. Now that I look at it, it's really not that big. The fabrics had previously been stored in large plastic bins in my closet. However, once they were dragged out, they didn't always make it back into the bin (or closet.) The bins were also bulky and heavy, and I almost always needed a fabric from the bottom bin at the back of the closet. Ugh. I like this system so much better, as now I know what I have at all times. I actually found several fabrics that I didn't even know I had! Plus, it's just pretty to look at.

My small WIPs are in the small basket and plastic container in the corner (behind the rainbow drawers,) while my larger WIPs (such as totes) are rolled into bundles in my closet. (When I'm planning totes or pouches, I bundle the exterior, lining and accent fabrics all together into a roll, secure that with a rubber band, and label it with a post-it so I'll remember later what my plans were. . . otherwise, I'd forget.) I also have some very large/bulky cuts of fabric (such as khaki and denim,) plus some other odd fabrics that I have, but can't figure out what to make of them yet, stored away in those big plastic bins in the closet.

I moved all of my shipping supplies (except for boxes -- they're in the closet, too) next to my work area, where it makes more sense than across the room on a decorative ledge just cluttering up the place.

On, and under, the little tray table, I have all of my felt and embroidery supplies in one place. They used to be scattered under my table, on the table, on my computer desk. . . you get the picture. My sewing machine isn't pictured, but it's on the left-hand side, and all of my supplies are now right behind me, within arm's reach.

Even all of my dried herbs and spices have a home outside of their shipping containers! Yay!
I can hardly wait to get to work tonight and make a new mess. . . I mean, use my new-and-improved workspace. Anyone want to share pictures of your stash?? (shameful or otherwise?)


  1. Connie, your work space is drool worthy. I love it, it makes me want to get in there and create! At this moment I am in the middle of reorganising my area including a new desk (courtesy of my mother in law) and new drawerers because I too was working out of plastic bins and you just can't create in an area that makes you cranky, can you!! I will post pics of my new space after the weekend when I think it will be a bit prettier like yours!

  2. Oh, I'm jealous! You are soooo organized. I have yarn in my room, my son's room (I stole some of his extra drawers), a closet under the stairs, and wherever I happen to be ('cause I'm always carrying my latest project with me). Under my desk, I have shoved all of my shipping supplies and more yarn that doesn't yet have a home.
    Now I need to clean....

  3. You have a gorgeous stash and a great workspace! I love how you sorted everything by color.... makes me want to reorganize my mess! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Am I jealous? Yes I am!

    I bet it feels good, though, to have it organized. I love my studio when it is organized, for about 5 minutes, then I make a mess again!

  5. Oh my goshhh, it looks amazing!!! SOOO organized!!! :) I have to do this too, but am seriously dreading the task, eek!!! Now you can work on fun projects, yay!! xo!

  6. It looks awesome Connie! Makes me feel guilty because my room is such a mess right now. I swear I'm going to start working on it.
    The rest of my house is very organized.


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