Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So much to be thankful for

Monkey 2's MRI results:

Unremarkable. Thank you, Lord!
The only thing it did show was "inflammation of mucosal tissues."

"Like a sinus infection?" I asked the neurologist's nurse.

"Yes, or a cold," she replied.

Flashback to October 1st and October 15th:
"Could this be a sinus infection?" I asked our pediatrician.
"Ugh, no," she disdainfully replied, on both occasions. What did I know? I'm only her mother. (And both the neurologist and the optometrist suggested sinus infection as the cause of her pain as well. Jenn, I'm taking your advice, and finding a new doc.)

Solution to Monkey 2's chronic pain:

A $10 bottle of amoxicillin. I cannot tell you how relieved we all are. I'll keep you posted on how things are going.

Our country's amazing freedoms:

I voted today, and my Monkeys all witnessed their mother, as well as other fellow citizens, performing their civic duties.

This beautiful autumn weather, which we enjoyed at a local park:

My new-found love -- a moby wrap:
Ooohhh, don't get me started! I'll save my praises and discoveries about these wraps for another post, but just let me say that this is a BACK AND SHOULDER SAVER! (Jenn, I saw that you use one, too!)
This is just icing on the already so-sweet-cake.

My Monkeys:

(Monkey 7 is a wee bit on the OCD side, and every time a leaf fell and landed on our blanket, he had to jump up and remove it. The blanket must remain leaf-free.)

And friends like you:

I cannot tell you how much your comments and emails have meant to me. Your support, prayers and advice has buoyed my spirits, and strengthened my resolve. I know that I can get through this. It's just a bit easier knowing that there are friends like you out there. I know that I am not alone in this. Thank you.


  1. Look at your new pin cushion, it is so beautiful!

    I LOVE the photos of Owen, he is just so cute, want to give him a big cuddle!
    I too have had issues with paediatrician's telling me I don't know my kids! So infuriating. You must follow your instincts, you know your kids better than anyone.

  2. awesome pin cushion.

    ok bout the news. i am so happy its all ok!! i was praying!!

    beautiful pics of a beautiful family on a beautiful day!!

    glad to know things are working good 4 u. the sling/wrap looks awesome.

  3. praise the lord it was only a sinus infection, but man, that must be super frustrating.

    i have a wrap that is very similar to the moby wrap. i bought it from
    i can't wear a more traditional sling because of chronic back pain from a car accident i was in when i was 19, so the wrap as definitely been a life saver.

    and i LOVE the coffee cup pin cushion!

  4. Thank you for your sweet comments! We are so relieved.

    Jen, loveydud's wraps are the almost the same as this one -- just minus the fabric square on the front. I actually watched loveydud's YouTube videos to learn how to put this on -- they're fantastic!

  5. Your children are so sweet! Has anyone ever told you that? :0) I am sooooo glad your daughter is getting better so quickly! I am glad you are considering alternatives and finding a new doc. I am in love with some of your new fabric and your pincushions rock! I think that about covers all the new posts! :0)

  6. Oh and yes, that baby wrap is the bomb. Mine is actually not called a MOBY but a BabyWrap. Same difference. ;0) I LOVE IT!


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