Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One lone wallet

Sigh. Not enough hours in the day.

The plague seems to be ending. The last victim was claimed last night, and she is already up and about (and hungry -- always a good sign.) I am so relieved that this bout of illness is just about over.

Today, I'll be cramming my huge-embarrassingly-shamefully-massive fabric stash into a closet (or two) to appear presentable for company tomorrow. I would like to show you a picture of my stash, but I'm just not that brave yet. (You might call the people with the straight-jackets.) Anyway, I really don't want to put it up. I'd like to keep it out, so I can work on my projects in every spare moment, as sick children have not allowed me to get much of anything done this week.

But. . . we have some pies to bake, cornbread dressing to prepare, laundry to fold, and floors to mop.

I'd rather be sewing.

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  1. I would love to see your stash! I hide mine in a closet - so I can close the doors when I'm done!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


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