Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, where to start?

I really need to update this more than once a week! There's been a lot going on, but I do have a good reason or two for my recent absence.

I recently read a friend's blog, and she remarked that blogging makes it easy to just write the happy things that go on in life, but that can also paint an incomplete picture of one's life. It's funny, because I had read this article about that same exact thing just a couple of weeks ago!

That has been on my mind a lot. Mostly because not-so-pleasant things in life are causing my sporadic updating, and yet, all I write about are fun, crafty things.

I mentioned waaay back when I started this blog that I had suffered from post-partum depression after Monkeys 1 and 6. Well, it has reared its ugly head again, and this time, with reinforcements -- migraines. I've recently read that both depression and migraines can be caused by hormonal and/or chemical imbalances, and it's hard to say which comes first, but they can (and do) coincide. When these symptoms crop up, all I can do is handle the necessities -- caring for my Monkeys and sweet husband, and managing the pain. So, unfortunately, the crafting and blogging has to take its place on the back burner during those times. I'm getting better, sloooowly but surely. Crafting and sewing sure help things along.

The second big event in our lives right now also concerns migraines. My beautiful 12 year-old Monkey 2 suddenly began having severe, daily migraines about 4 weeks ago. No relief, no known cause.
Our pediatrician sent her to a neurologist, who sent her for an MRI (we'll get those results tomorrow) and to an eye doctor, who then sent her back to the pediatrician. We now know less than we did before, and my daughter is still in excrutiating pain. She is able to get some relief, for about 6 hours during the day, from ibuprofen. However, that can only be a short-term solution -- taking the adult dosage 3 times a day would be hard on anyone's liver, much less an 80-pound child's liver. The intervention drug that the neurologist prescribed seems to be helping a little, very gradually -- her pain seems to have lessened over the past two days. It's so frustrating, and I feel so helpless. I want to help her, I want to take away her pain, but I can't. Please say a prayer for my daughter.

Anyone up for some happy news? Yes, please!
Well, I had my 500th sale in my Etsy shop today! Yippeee!

My husband got a promotion this week! Yay! (Congrats, sweetie! I'm so proud of you!)

Owen cut his 2nd tooth! Awwwww!

I made my first-ever free-handed stuffie -- Gerard the gnome! Now that was fun. He's going on a trip for the Roaming Gnome swap on Craftster, so he had to take his own little photo album along. His hosts will be taking him out on trips, and photographing his travels for me. How exciting!

Poor little guy, though. . . . I shipped him off without his eyebrows.

And finally, some Halloween pics!

Two weeks ago, I told the Monkeys that they would be making their own costumes this year. I almost had a revolt on my hands, but once they realized that I was serious, they got to working on their designs and costumes. They even worked together, so that was fun to watch as well. I must say, I am very proud of them -- they came up with ideas and designs that I never would have thought of!

A hobbit and a zombie.
Baby sumo, typical teen gothy witch, hobbit, zombie, green M&M, rocker that stays up too late, Spider Man (he actually wears this costume a few times every week,) and beach baby. Speaking of the beach baby, we didn't neglect him by not giving him a costume. We had asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, and he matter-of-factly replied, "I be Nolan." So he donned his favorite hawaiian shirt, swim trunks and flip-flops, and was, indeed, himself.

Baby sumo. . . . and it was about 80 degrees that night -- very warm!

Thanks for reading this far, and I promise I'll have an update or two for you tomorrow!


  1. wow Connie, where to start. I have been thinking of you recently, as there were no regular posts, so sorry to hear the reason why. I too suffer depression (am on regular meds) and know the exhaustion of that. I will be thinking of monkey 2, poor little one, that is just so sad, I hope you get some answers soon.
    I absolutely adore the gnome, he is just so cute, wish he were mine!!
    can't wait (as usual) for more updates.

  2. Please try natural alternatives for your headaches. Read Dr. Christopher's thoughts on natural healing ( We love him and his products for thyroid have worked wonders for me! (I have low thyroid, also a hormonal imbalance) I would chuck those mainstream doctors and do something safe and natural for my child, really get to the root of the problem, not just cover it up with pain medication.

    Lots of prayers for you all~

  3. you go!

  4. so sorry to hear bout the problems. I have a private blog for bitching bout life. so i dont burden my readers with the bad stuff in the public blog. But surprisingly i have found the online community to be much more receptive and supportive of one's bad news.
    i have a few things to say.

    1.awesome gnome man..too cute to ur dr. and try Naproxen for migrane(its by Rx). i suddenly got bad migraine attacks my first summer in US. it was bad!!

    3. make sure she has sunglasses on when she goes out!! try and find her "trigger". (food, noise, light)
    for me it was a combination of all of those three. ask her to write down all she does during the day and track back to what it cud be.
    It could even be smell perfume etc.

    i know its difficult. My hubby felt helpless too when i had severe attacks & wanted to be isolated frm all noise and light.. But I upped my coffee intake. touch wood, after a year and half, i am all fine. no more migraines.

    4. congrats on hubby's promotion. its always a proud moment!

    5. you are too awesome. keep up with ur work and blogging amidst all the stuff that goes on in the house. i always look forward to your posts.

    6. i just checked out all the monkey's halloween costumes. they were awesome!

    7. I hope you have a gr8 day today and ur daughter has pain free days ahead!!

  5. We've experienced a similar problem with my 10 year old son last year. We made all the rounds to allergists, neurologists, various tests, etc. He had severe daily headache for three months. Honestly I felt like the doctors thought we were crazy. Its incredibly frustrating when no one can tell you how to fix this much less what the cause is. In the end we tried a medication called periactin (an allergy med. used for migraine) and a combination of a nasal spray (also for allergy). Oh, and we did allergy testing, all of which came back negative! Anyway, this combo seemed to work well for us and its not as scary as some of the other meds out there. I hope this helps a little. Don't give up and keep advocating for your child. Things have definitely turned around for us and I'm hoping they will for your daughter as well.

  6. Connie,
    First of all, your kids are adorable in their costumes! Reading about Spiderman made me think of my son when he was about the same age and he had Batman pajamas that he wore EVERYWHERE and ALL the time! So funny!

    And I am WELL aware of how hormonal imbalances cause migraines. I take Maxalt for mine.

    Is there a possibility that your daughter is also having hormonal migraines?

    I hope you find out what's wrong really soon and that all is well.
    I'll be thinking about you.

    Oh, and congrats to your hubbie!!


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