Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mama always knows, and a new skirt

We were so excited about my husband's cousin's wedding today. All week long, we planned, shopped, anticipated. We don't have a lot of weddings in our family, or too many big get-togethers, either. Everyone's so busy with work or sports or whatever, it's so hard to just be together. We were really looking forward to this day.

My poor Monkey 6 woke up looking very pale this morning. I knew the look. It said that vomiting would be a part of our day. My hubby didn't believe me, and said our son would be fine. I knew better.

We got dressed up, left the house (on time!!) and drove over an hour to the wedding. Within half an hour of arriving, my prediction came true. (Don't ever question mom's intuition!)
(Marlin, our visiting gnome, went to the wedding with us.)

The Monkeys were all so disappointed that we had to leave so quickly, especially Monkey 6. ("But why, mom?" with big, teary eyes.) To salvage a little bit of the day, we picked up some yummy pizza from a Mexican pizza place on the way home, and shared a loud, happy meal together at home. Monkey 6 nibbled on some crackers, and made us promise to save him two pieces of pepperoni for tomorrow. We did.

Oh, the skirt. . . .

On Monday, my oldest Monkey asked me if I could make her a skirt for the wedding. I agreed, as long as it wasn't anything intricate or complex. I don't have a lot of confidence in my clothing-making skills. She searched Etsy for some fabric, and decided on this lovely print by Alexander Henry:

We ordered it from Shiloh Sweetface on Etsy, and had the fabric within two days -- wow! (Pssst -- she's having a great sale right now!)

Monkey 1 then found a simple A-line, bias-cut skirt in my massive stash that looked easy enough for me to copy. I deconstructed the skirt along the seam lines, saved the intact black polyester skirt lining, and also carefully cut off the lacy black fold-over elastic from the skirt. I used the skirt pieces as a pattern, and whipped it up in just a few minutes. I basted the polyester skirt lining to the new skirt (shhh!) and then reused the fold-over elastic for the waistband to bind it all together. It fits her perfectly, and I love how it turned out!

I'll definitely be making more of these skirts!

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  1. Skirt is beautiful. I have seen that print at my fave fabric shop and I really love it. Well done.


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