Saturday, November 29, 2008

Owl brooch tutorial

I whipped up this little felt owl brooch in mere moments.  OK, maybe it took a wee bit longer than moments, but it was super-easy, and super-quick to make.  I've made a handy one-page printable for you, complete with pattern and instructions, so you can make one (or two or three) yourself!

This would make a lovely stocking stuffer, gift topper, Secret Santa item or card enclosure!

Or, why not print out the instructions and make up a little kit for a sewing newbie or teen? These are so easy and fun to make, especially for beginners!

Again, you can find the pattern / tutorial in PDF format HERE.  Enjoy!
Talk to you soon.

Feel free to make as many of these as you like for your friends and family. Please don't sell my pattern.


  1. He's beautiful Connie. Great idea!

  2. SO CUTE! My friend is obsessed with owls, so this may make it onto my to-do list!! :) xo!

  3. Hello, I'm not sure how I discovered your blog but ever since I did I've been reading it and LOVE what you do! I've just "tagged" you on my blog, please see my blog to learn more about this if you haven't been tagged yet. You are wonderfully eloquent and SO creative!

  4. he's adorable!! i made a similar owl brooch a while back . . . he lived in my etsy shop for a while but then he expired :( yours is way cuter though! mine had glued on eyes and looked much more primative. the kit idea is so cute!

  5. Haven't seen you in a while. Hope you are just enjoying the holidays with your loved ones and that everything is alright!! ((((HUGS))))


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