Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lots of swap goodies, lots of patterns for you to try!

First, I have to thank all of you who have sent such sweet wishes and prayers my way. You have no idea how much this has helped me, and what they have meant to me.

The reason for this latest delay is because this dreaded cold/flu/sinus infection nightmare just won't go away! And its latest victim? ME. Ugh. No wonder the kids were so whiny and fussy. I am feeling better today, so that's good.

Now, onto baby swap madness. . . .

Shoes. Sweet, adorable baby shoes. I just can't get enough of these!

This pattern is from Michael Miller Fabrics (yay!), and it's free (double-yay!) Go download your pattern here.

UPDATE:  Oh, no!  It seems that the Michael Miller website has taken down this pattern and tutorial.  Click HERE for an identical tutorial and pattern, on a different website.  Please let me know in the comments if this one doesn't work for you.  (thanks!)

I made these for Owen:

Unfortunately, his feet are too chubby for the shoes made with this pattern, so I'll probably just enlarge the pattern a bit to accomodate his sweet tootsies!

My baby swap staple -- a fleece sleep sack!

I used McCall's M4236. . . super-easy pattern, and comes with several options for the bunting, as well as a jumpsuit, hat and blanket pattern!

(One thing I have to mention -- my machine HATED sewing this brown fleece. It chewed up the fleece, and the thread would shred and break every few inches. This particular sack took me three days to make it (instead of 30 minutes) as I had to keep taking a break so I wouldn't throw my stupid machine out the window. WHY did it do this?)

These are the hats are included with the pattern. These do fit Owen, and I need to make him a few. A baby softie. I buried a rattle deep inside it. It's another fantastic Wee Wonderfuls pattern.

Two year-old Monkey 7 just reassured me that it is not a potato. Thanks, son. . . I hadn't even thought about that, until now.

These birdies. . . turns out they're great chewing/teething toys. Who knew?

My partner wanted a soft name game for her baby. I made it with a carrying case for both the letters (the small white bag) and the whole shebang (the long leafy bag.)

Isn't that fabric amazing? Another fantastic Etsy find -- from Adele Hartlep. (This gal's so sweet to work with!)

As for a pattern, I just winged it. I used a half yard of each print fabric, plus some white scrap fabric I already had. I printed out some giant letters from my computer, using a simple font, and used those as my letter patterns. The letters are double-layered felt, blanket stitched together. Couldn't you see making an entire alphabet, and then some simple felt shapes (fish, tree, bird)? This would encourage learning and play. . . they would be especially perfect for a tactile learner, and even some children with dyslexia (I have a couple myself!)

She also wanted a large wet bag (it's probably 12 X 18 inches):

I used Michael Miller's Pistachio Patti Paisley (it also comes in Watermelon) for the exterior, and lined it with 1 ml PUL film. I sewed the linings separately, to help reduce leaking and wicking. If I had it to do over again, I would use a heavier PUL. It was my first time sewing with the stuff, and I didn't like it one bit. Maybe I just need practice. But my partner was thrilled with it, so that's what matters! If you'd like a super-easy tutorial on now to make a lined bag, try this one.

The bag could also be used to store the moby wrap I made her:

I sewed a fat quarter of the paisley fabric to the center of the wrap as a decorative accent, and it also helps you find the center of the wrap quickly and easily. Again, no pattern. I just winged it, made two of them, and tried it out first on Owen. It works great!

And finally, the coffee swap. . . .

I organized a Fill-A-Mug Swap on Craftster, and in addition to sending my partner some yummy coffees, tea and other goodies, I made her this pincushion (as seen in a previous post):

And this apron:

I had never made an apron before, and WOW was this fun! I need to make more of these. Lots more. My camera did not do the colors justice. The purple is a very rich plum, and the stripes are deep harvest-y colors. Here's a close-up of the pocket, with a brown (coffee!) interior:

I also made a coaster, some recipe cards and magnets, but didn't snap pics of those. This was such a fun and easy swap!

Obviously, I'm addicted to swaps! I am now organizing and participating in another pincushion swap, and the roaming gnome swap. I'll keep you posted on those!

Monkey 2 update: Day 5 of migraine-free living! Yay!


  1. Oh my goodness, what fabulous swap goodies!!!! I am also ADDICTED to them, it is such a problem hehe! But SO darn fun! :) You've got to let me know about the pincushion swap, I want to participate!!! Are you hosting it?? Fun, fun! :) xoxox!

  2. With the sleep sack...probably need to adjust the tension with that kind of material or maybe use a different kind of thread! My machine is REALLY picky with cotton knit (tricot) and I have to use different thread and change the tension every time I sew just that! :(

    Also, Owen's legwarmers are on the way! Sorry it took soooo long! They turned out adorable! :0)

  3. Holly -- My swap filled up in TWO days! I'll give you a heads up before the next swap so you can join us... probably in January! :)

    Jenn -- I tried new thread, different thread, new needle, ball-point needle, all kinds of different tensions and NOTHING worked. I've sewn fleece many times before, but my machine just did not like this particular batch. Crazy! Oh, and now that machine is busted, and has to be serviced... that sleep sack really was the death of my machine!

  4. Wow, oh no! I hate grumpy machines...mine was bought brand new and has been such a pain to work with! What is up? They don't make 'em like they used to!!

  5. the slipper link does not work, do you know where else to get it? thanks :)

  6. I also would like to know where to get the slipper link too!! :)

  7. Oh, no! I guess the website took that pattern down. Here's another link to an identical pattern:
    I have also edited the post above to the new (clickable) link to the tutorial, as I don't think links in the comments are clickable.
    Hope that helps! :)


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