Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lots of goodies in the mail!

Oh, I am a lucky woman. First, my sweet friend, Sophie, sent me a fantastic gift last week. Some awesome quilted fabric, originally from South Africa, with a detour in Australia, and now, in my stash!
And tucked inside the fabric? A super-cute pattern book!

Can't you just see my youngest boy Monkeys wearing these??

Too, too cute. Thank you, Sophie! You have no idea how you brightened my day!

And a lot more goodies. . . .

A few days later, my Spotted Box prize arrived! It was heavier than I expected, and overflowing with neat samples:

I am now wishing I had written down a quick inventory, but my Monkeys (OK, I) tore into this so quickly, it just wasn't possible. There are a couple of items missing from the above picture -- an adorable ring that Monkey 5 claimed, and some delicious nut brittle and caramel fudge pecan turtles -- yum!

Here is a closeup of some of the goodies, without most of the packaging:

Hair clips, magnets, pins, nose wipes, cloth wipe, crochet embellishments (hi, Liz!), soy tart, cell phone charm, stitch marker, felt food, candle cover, decal, stationery and knitter's balm.

And a few more:

Buttons, crayon, play-doh, soaps, bath bomb, diaper pail deodorizing powder. . . . I hope I didn't leave anyone out!

I have to say that I was incredibly pleased with everything. The samples are all high-quality, and I can use almost everything. (And if I can't use something, I know of someone who can!) If you would like more info on these crafty, talented work-at-home moms, please check out the contributor directory for October's Spotted Box.


  1. Oh My gosh. I see my card!!!HEHE! You got a laughing daisy sample. How cool! Glad you enjoyed everything.

  2. I am so glad you like the fabric. The spotted box contents look delish!! so jealous!!

  3. I see my cell phone charm/zipper pull! I got a lot of the same things in my box!

  4. wow. that must have been a cool fun day to recieve so much stuff. I always like getting things in mail myself! then again, who wouldnt if the things were as cute and interesting as these!! :) hav fun!

  5. Hi (right back at ya) Connie! I got some of the same items you did! What a fun box of goodies!

    (Funny aside -- My littlest one saw the skull and crossbones decal and said "Arrrgh"!)

  6. Connie, you never did say if you got the hat or not! I hope so, I went ahead and sent it. I hope it fits Owen and that you love it! :0)

    (sending the legwarmers soon, I swear!)
    Thanks for being so patient!


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