Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Best of the Box -- Me! And a reminder. . .

How exciting! My lavender dryer sachets have been chosen for The Spotted Box's "Best of the Box" award for October! Yay!

I even get a special page for this month. Come and see! My prize is a Spotted Box of my very own. . . . I can hardly wait until it arrives! I'll be sure to post pics of what's inside, too.

OH, and just a reminder. . . .

If you're interested in purchasing a Spotted Box for yourself, be ready to pounce on one around noon ET. These boxes sell out within minutes. You can purchase one here or here.


  1. Oh yay! You *are* the best of the best!
    I'm so excited because I made 60 samples, so I'm getting a box too!

    Love to the monkeys (and I hope everyone is finally well!)


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