Saturday, October 25, 2008

And the winners are. . . . Oh -- and a craft project!

The lucky winners of my lavender dryer sachets are Sophie and Keyomi! Yay! :) Just send your mailing address to me here, and I'll ship your new sachets to you next week.

I know this blog has been pretty sporadic lately. . . I do apologize! I'll have to give you a big update next week.

Until then, how about a weekend craft? Seriously, this will take you maybe fifteen minutes (for the first one.) And why did I say "first one?" Because these are completely addictive. . . and would make great Christmas ornaments, for those of you that like to make your own. (Sophie, I almost fainted when I saw this post in your blog! lol! Yours are SO adorable!)

I made these for a recent swap, and the birds are, from left to right, a blue bird, a robin (see the red breast? awwww. . .) and a cardinal from Texas (the bandanna fabric.)

I first saw these in my Design*Sponge newsletter, as a mobile -- I MUST make myself one! (And they used the most gorgeous fabrics ever!) My girls actually made several of these before I got a chance to make a single one -- that's how simple these are. Owen snatched one, and now it's his favorite chewing/teething toy! These are great for kids, decorating, ornaments. . . . so fun! To go directly to the pattern, click here, and download the pdf pattern from the left side bar. Happy crafting!


  1. I've been using your dryer satchets and love them so much! But I wanted to tell you what else I use them for. I put them in between my clothes in my luggage when I travel so that way my clothes doesn't have that humid trapped in luggage smell. It's wonderful =)

  2. Thank you thank you!! WOW, I have never won a blog competition before. I am so excited.
    I don't actually have a dryer, I am planning to use them in my drawers and in the wardrobe.
    BTW, the birds are addictive. I like your pattern much better than mine.

  3. hey..that is soo neat. thank you! cant wait for them to arrive. My email is

    can you pls email me ur email. the link in this post didnt work.

    and awesome birds. soo precious!

  4. and i also mentioned you on my blog!


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