Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Front page! Yay!

My little goldfish pincushion was on the front page of Etsy on Sunday (sorry this is a bit late):

Thanks for the screenshots, Milly (ThistleCraft) and Cathie (SweetWolf)!


  1. congrats on the front page!!! that little goldfish has done really well for you :)
    love the fall bag too . . . i wish we had more of a fall season in LA as well. Our leaves don't really turn color at all (I mean, most of them are palm tree leaves, to be fair, but still!)

  2. Congratulations! Front page is always good!

    Thank you for sending Jenn over to my blog with advice for cleaning my little blue felt shoes! I couldn't do the soak in Woolite thing because the soles are stiffened with cardboard. I've been working on them and doubt if they'll ever get really clean, but at least the little pink embroidered flowers can be seen better!

  3. Congratulations Connie! I've always loved that little pin cushion. And what a cute treasury you were part of!


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