Friday, August 15, 2008

Lazy summer days, and an eye pillow

I am having a hard time being productive these days. Sometimes we just have to slow down. The younger Monkeys decided to take their studies outside yesterday, under our make-shift fort (the best kind of fort, in my opinion.)

I did overhear big plans being discussed. . . something about sleeping outside and watching falling stars. (The Perseids are giving a good show this year. . . they peaked early Tuesday morning, but I think it's possible to still catch a glimpse of some. Thanks for the reminder, Cathie!) The camp-out didn't happen, due to predicted thunderstorms and the ever-present fire ants in our yard (to which my daughter happens to be severely allergic.) But they did enjoy the change of scenery for their studies.

And speaking of my friend Cathie. . . .

She runs two eclectic and cool Etsy shops -- SweetWolf and UltraTrixie, and is a fellow member of our street team, Etsy Texas Crafters. I recently purchased an exceedingly cute eye pillow from her shop:

This little pillow is quite a life-saver. It's filled with flax seeds and native Texas lavender, which is much sweeter and milder than the pungent French lavender I use for my sachets. The pillow can be heated or chilled, and the weight of the flax seeds is just the right amount of pressure I need on my eyes. I've been having a lot of migraines lately, and this pillow has helped my migraines dissipate quickly! Impressive. Please drop by her shops and check out her other unique items. Thanks for the fantastic product, Cathie!

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  1. Refab,
    you are so welcome! I am sooo glad to hear it is bringing you some relief from those nasty migraines!
    although I just wish you would never have another one at all....
    and thanks for putting this in your fabulous blog!

    (it was too cloudy here to see the meteor shower. boo.)


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