Thursday, July 10, 2008

A wee bit of lavender, two blogs, and two totes.

I ordered my first bulk shipment of lavender last week. I received it yesterday -- so exciting! Fifteen (yes, 15) pounds of lavender is a lot more than I thought it would be. I had hoped they would send it in 1 pound (or even 1/2 pound) bags. Nope.... One. Giant. Bag. As modeled by Monkey 7.

So, naturally, I have been making a few sachets.

I also ordered a few other spices and dried goodies to see if I can come up with some more nice sachet scents. (I've had a few requests for those, so we'll see what I can concoct.)

I've also been making quite a few pincushions lately.

OH! Speaking of pincushions.... this one was mentioned in Paper Girl Production's adorable blog! (Thanks, Belle!) You guys should really check out her blog.... lots of nifty info on how to, well, write a decent blog. (Plus, it's just so darn cute.) I will definitely be dropping by there!

Another sweet lady mentioned me in her blog, A Mile a Minute, last week... and she just happened to purchase one of my wallets last September.

Drop by her blog, and check out her testimonial on this wallet... pretty amazing! (Thanks, Vickie!) She has some very lovely photography posted, as well, so be sure to pay her a visit!

I have also made a couple of totes over the last few days. I listed this one a couple of days ago.

And I listed this one today.

I was obviously on a black and white kick. No more of those colors for awhile. I have some really pretty, colorful totes lined up right now on the cutting table. My goal is to make a tote a day. (I probably just jinxed myself by saying that, but I'll try it anyway!)

And now for our Owen update....

We all know how grumpy Owen has been since birth. The aloe vera juice had provided quite a bit of relief to the little guy in the gassy/fussiness department. But then I started to think.... We put Owen on soy formula to avoid gas and fussiness (and a probable lactose allergy that 4 of his siblings have.) And now here he is, gassy and fussy. Something was not right.

I wanted to start back at Square 1. Unfortunately, nursing is not an option for me for serious medical reasons. The next alternative would be regular, fortified baby formula made with cow's milk. My hand ever-so-hesitantly reached for that can on the shelf, wondering if I were dooming the two of us to even more wakeful, painful nights ahead. I had to try it. So I did.

He drank the formula.

He smiled.

He cooed.
He slept through the night.... 7 consecutive hours.

He naps regularly.

He has no gas.

Thank you, Lord. Now I can sleep again.


  1. That's wonderful that you've found a solution to your little one's fussiness. I heave a sigh of relief for you!

    P.S. LOVE his red hair! I tell ya, there just aren't enough redheads in the world. Hoping my next little one will inherit mine. :)

  2. adorable, adorable. (apply that to anything in the post you like, because it applies to all)

  3. Thanks for the reciprocal blog love. I'm really loving your new purses.


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