Monday, July 14, 2008

Two new totes for today

I sew every day for my Etsy shop, and need a day off every now and then. So I try not to work on Sundays. But what did I do yesterday? I thought about sewing. And it drove me crazy. Then, I had the thought, "Why not sew for fun?" (Not that sewing isn't fun, but there is a difference between sewing because you "have" to, and sewing because you want to. )

I decided to sew a tote that I had been meaning to sew for weeks now, but never found the time to do. It is a very humble thank-you present for my mother-in-law (Nancy, if you're reading this, stop now!) who helped us out tremendously when I had baby Owen. She came over right before we left for the hospital, and stayed until I came home four days later. While I was gone she cooked and cleaned, bathed the little ones, and even helped the monkeys with their lessons. I came home to a very clean house, which I infinitely appreciated. She loves horses and western-y things, so this is what I made for her:

The denim came from a pair of jeans donated by my sweet husband, and the cowboy fabric is this Alexander Henry print I found on sale ($5.19/yard!!!) on one of my favorite online stores, The lining is some cotton quilters fabric I picked up at Wal-Mart.

I think it turned out pretty cute, and notice in the top photo, there's even a cowboy with the name Owen!

It was back to business today, and I made up this new tote to list in my shop:

This is an unusual bag, I think, but that's why I like it. My favorite part of the bag is the lining I used. It was a very cool shirt.... if only it had fit me (it was huge) I would have kept it for myself! But since I don't yet know how to alter and reconstruct clothing for myself, it became part of a neat bag.


  1. I am sure your mother-in-law will love her new bag. It is so cute.

  2. Enjoyed reading a little on your blog this morning. Love the chocolate brown bag (and I don't even "do" browns). Wish you all the best!

  3. i love the tie top bags!!! and i think using your husband's jeans is such a neat touch . . . i'm sure your mother in law will love it!!!

    (and yeah . . . champ . . . i know . . . can't wait to get home and EAT! :))

  4. I had no idea you had a blog! I've featured you in a treasury or two and I'm thrilled to finally know a little more about the woman behind the work :)


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