Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A blog feature, an acorn, and yet another tote

I was featured in a neat-O blog today, dottyral's Indie Finds on Etsy! I did a little interview with her, about my experience being a featured seller on Etsy. Among the awesome Etsy finds that she profiles, she interviews past featured sellers. It was pretty neat to read about their experiences. Did you know that one gal had a month to prepare?! I had six days! You know you want to hear the details... so drop by her blog and read all about it!

A little treat for me...

I have been spoiling myself lately with my own Etsy finds. I really must stop shopping. Really.

I found this tiny, adorable acorn baby necklace, made by Rosemary4Remembrance.

I came across one of her little needle-felted creations in the Etsy Gift Guides... a perfect, tiny pumpkin, and I had to take a peek in her shop. Ohhhh..... it is adorable. I had such a hard time deciding which little baby needed to come live with me. Should I choose the pea pod? The strawberry? In the end, I decided on the dark acorn baby. Which one will you bring home?

And finally, today's tote....

I made this from a pair of denim cargo capris (hence the side pockets on the exterior -- neat!) and a really cute skirt.

The lining is made from hand-dyed cotton fabric, which you may or may not remember from this fiasco project. (Which I now have a ton of, because of this fiasco.)

Hopefully, I'll have another tote to share tomorrow. And I did get some super-cute japanese fabric in the mail today-- pictures tomorrow!

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  1. your acorn baby is too cute!!! love the pea pod one too.

    THANK YOU for posting that fabric store link yesterday, btw . . . i found the PERFECT fabric to make accent pillows to match the boy and my new duvet cover :) Skulldugery in charcoal. I'll post pics in my blog when i'm done! :D


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